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About Us

DeepCloudIQ is bringing an enterprise grade analytics platform to the masses. We see DeepCloudIQ as a paradigm shift in how businesses run analytics to gain insights. DeepCloudIQ will be the first ever code-free, serverless, cloud analytics platform. Connect with us by leaving your email and we will keep you updated once we launch.

Asad Khan



Co-Founder - Reach Out

Why DeepCloudIQ, here are some core Features


DeepCloudIQ features a wizard-based interface that enables code-free integration to our data pipelines. This is combined with a full library of analytic dashboards and AI algorithms for deeper insights.

DeepClouID empowers a self-service model of advanced analytics and data visualization which removes the heavy burden on IT and accelerates a business from just data to insights.

No license to purchase, no software to download, No APIs to work with. Just use our Microsoft Excel template (prepared specifically for you) to turn the data to insights that will show immediate value for your business.


Take your business to the next level with DeepCloudIQ’s Analytic Platform built on serverless technologies that takes advantage of one click scalability.

You as a business owner no longer need to worry about purchasing infrastructure or building out an operations team.

DeepCloudIQ provides secure, production-ready, scalable infrastructure in the backend, so you can focus on what is most valuable to your business, your operations, your customers.

Analytics Platform that grows with you

DeepCloudIQ gives you the flexibility to scale from 1 employee to many according to your needs. You decide how many people need acces to your dashboards, you decide who can just view or be the responsible party for data uploads through an easy to use User Management Interface.

In less than 24 hours, you can sign up and have a Sales Dashboard, HR Dashboard, Marketing Dashboard & Social Sentiment Dashboard ready and waiting for you! That’s the power of DeepCloudIQ!.

Our Mission

DeepcloudIQ's mission is to enable every business irrespective of size to gain deep-insights into their data via a cost-effective, no-maintenance, scalable analytics platform, that requires no-development.




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